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Harvesting Opportunity


Harvesting Opp

May 31, 2018 Event Materials and Notes

Harvesting Opportunity in Kansas Program - A Symposium on Building Community Wealth Through Food and Farming

Event Video

Event Storymap

Morning Sessions Videos:

     Debra Tropp Keynote Presentation May 31, 2018

     Becca Jablonski Keynote Presentation May 31, 2018

     Mary Hendrickson Keynote Presentation May 31, 2018

     Making the Case for Food System Investment - Panel Discussion

Deep Dive Notes:

     #1 - Capacity Building

     #2 - Linking Investments and Planning

     #3 - Strategies to Win Grants

     #4 - Using Data and New Research

     #5 - Building Relationships and Securing Financing

Opportunities to Seize in Kansas Final Wrap Up Sessions Responses

Tools for Communities

     Community Food Systems: A Tool for Building Wealth in Kansas Communities - A guide for economic development professionals

     Eco Devo 101 Presentation - A discussion guide for Food Policy Councils


One Year Later - News Articles

Overview of Harvesting Opportunity


Network Kansas