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Douglas County

K-State Research and Extension Douglas County 
2110 Harper Street
Lawrence KS 66046

Hours: 8 am - 5 pm
Monday - Friday



Bus Routes to Our Office

Bus Route Options: Route 1 & 5

We stand for the fair and equitable treatment of all people. Read more...

Public Statement of Equity and Justice (pdf)

Extension Strategic Plan

Our 2023-2025 Strategic Plan for making K-State Research & Extension Douglas County grow and thrive with and for the community is here! Click below to learn more!

2023 - 2025 Strategic Plan of K-State Research & Extension Douglas County

K-State Research and Extension is a short name for the Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service. We are a partnership between Kansas State University and federal, state, and county government, with offices in every Kansas county.

Today's Highlighted 

Welcome to Today's Highlighted! Clicking the headers or images below will take you to their registration pages or to more information about them! We hope you take the time to look at as well as consider our programs and opportunities! We take time to ensure they are all fueled by information you can trust and our passion for making Douglas County a better place to live! 

Horticulture Hotline

Remember all those beautiful tulips and daffodils this past spring? Elesha and Sharon, your friendly Extension staffers, visited Tulip Time at the Ted Ensley Gardens in April. If you want to have a display of spring-flowering bulbs next spring, now is the time to plant!


Sharon - Horticulture and Natural Resources agent standing on a bench with tulips in the foreground& Elesha - Office Professional sitting on bridge handle with tulips in the foreground. Text: Time for Tullip Planting. Scan QR Code https://tinyurl.com/bp7ff5ka K-State Research and Extension Douglas County K-State Research and Extension is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Community Health & Wellness Highlight

Bring your cooking to the next level with some research-based know-how! Go to https://bit.ly/3PnmBoU to read the full article! 

Vegetable Prep Affects Flavor and Texture. The Science behind food prep! Community Helath and Wellness Highlight K-state research and extension douglas  county. K-State Research and extension is an equal opportunity provider and employer. Picture of a table with salt and peper sharkers to the upper left corner, a cloht with whole sweet potatoes, and a cutting board with chopped and sliced sweet potatoes and a knife on top of it.

Helpful Topic Tuesday 

This Helpful Topic Tuesday knows all about your desire to master canning! Here are some tips to help you do so in the safest way possible! Click here to read the full article and get one step closer to perfecting your canning methods now! 
Helpful Topic Tuesday  Read More https://bit.ly/3Zkl7iN QR Code "Tips for Safe Canning, Safe Processing for Storage"

Community Development Highlight

Here is a special treat for our Community Development Highlight! A "Fourth Friday E-Call!" For more information or to register, go to https://ksre-learn.com/ecall!

Fourth Friday e-Call a special edition of First Friday. Build Kansas Fund Vanessa Lamoreaux, Kansas Infrastructure HUB. Join Us September 22, 2023 9:30 am Register Today https://ksre-learn.com/ecall K-State Research and Extension

Hispanic Heritage Month 

September 15 marks the start of the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month! Learn, Support, and Celebrate the world around you!  K-State's College of Access and Community Outreach's Graciela Berument,highlights opportunities for you to partake in the festivities! For more information, go to https://bit.ly/3PhEaH5!
Happy Hispanic Heritage Month September 15 - October 15 Learn | Support | Celebrate

Agriculture Highlight

Our Agriculture Highlight shares some late summer fly control for cattle! To read the full article, go here

Late Summer Flyl Control Agriculture Agent News Highlight K-State Research and Extension Douglas County

Fall 2023 Newsletter

Did you know we have a quarterly newsletter? Our Fall 2023 one is out now! Scan the QR code or click the following link to stay up to date on all that has happened or will happen with your local extension office! https://conta.cc/44yNWtN

K-State Research and Extension Douglas County  Fall 2023 Newsletter. Fall leaves in the background.

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