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Douglas County

4-H Resources

The Kansas 4-H forms page has the most frequently requested forms, including those for enrollment, event registration, awards & recognition, record-keeping and volunteering. Listed below are the forms specifically used in Douglas County.

Leader Resources

This page is a resource for Douglas County 4-H Community Club Leaders. Community Leaders play an important role in the facilitation of the Douglas County 4-H Club Programs. Questions in regards to the forms and resources posted can be directed to the 4-H staff at the Douglas County Extension Office. Click Leader Resources  for more details.

Project Opportunities

4-H Project Information

2021 Livestock Skill-a-Thon

Class 1 - External Parts Identification

Class 2 - Equipment Identification

Class 3 - Breed Identification

Class 4 - Animal Health

Class 5 - Meat Identification 

Class 6 - Feed and Nutrition Identification 



2021 Poultry Skill-a-Thon

Class 1 - External Parts & Comb Identification

Class 2 - Egg Parts Identification

Class 3 - Breed Identification 

Class 4 - Quality Assurance

Class 5 - Feed & Nutrition Identification

2021 Poultry Showmanship Packet

Forms and Documents

This page is a resource for all forms and documents related to various aspects of the 4-H Program. Click Forms and Documents for more details.

Areas include:

Achievement Celebration

Special Awards

Club Day

Enrollment Forms

Fair Documents and Forms

Livestock Documents and Forms

Record Books, KAPS, and Pins