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Douglas County

WorkWell Douglas County 

Given that adults spend approximately half of their waking hours on the job, worksites provide an optimal opportunity to initiate and support healthy environments. The WorkWell Lawrence leadership team is made up of key leaders to design and implement a "results-oriented" community wellness initiative aimed at supporting employer efforts to promote healthier eating and increased physical activity through people, programs, and policies.

When it comes to creating a culture of health in the workplace, there are two paths that can be followed: activity centered or results oriented. Activity-centered workplace wellness programs are those that make "activities" the central focus of their initiative. In contrast, results-oriented initiatives are those programs that are carefully researched, thoughtfully designed, and sensibly executed. Results-oriented programs are focused not on simply offering a "program of the month," but on impacting the organization's bottom line through improved employee health, enhanced morale, and increased productivity.

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