Demonstration Gardens

Douglas County Extension Master Gardeners maintain five demonstration gardens, each with a unique focus on garden plants that grow well in northeast Kansas. For more information and pictures visit the Douglas County Master Gardener website HERE.

Douglas County Fairgrounds Demonstration Garden

Located at 2110 Harper St. in Lawrence, Kansas the Fairgrounds Demonstration Garden includes collections of grasses, shrubs, annuals, and perennials that grow well in northeast Kansas. Here you can find ideas for designing a shade garden, a xeriscape garden, a pollinator garden, a bird garden, and a rock garden. The gardens also include raised vegetable beds, and collections of shrubs, grasses and irises. Master Gardeners can often be found working in the garden on Tuesday mornings. Stop by and chat about what you can grow in your own yard. Click on the link for a map of the gardens.

Douglas County Fairgrounds Arboretum

The arboretum includes over 50 species among more than 230 trees. This collection enhances the horticultural education opportunities for county residents as well as visitors by showcasing native and non-native tree specimens which thrive in northeast Kansas. The growing tree collection and demonstration gardens provide educational opportunities for school groups, community groups, gardeners, homeowners, and recreational enthusiasts. Visitors to the fairgrounds may tour the trees and gardens at their leisure. Signage and an interactive electronic tree identification map are available to enhance the visitor experience.

Baldwin City Demonstration Garden at Tom Swan Park

The Baldwin City demonstration garden is located in Tom Swan Park, in the very center of our charming downtown. It features brick pathways, stone benches, an entryway framed by an arbor, a small patio, and a shady seating area. The main garden is devoted to plants that attract pollinators, most of them native to our region. Another area is shaded by a beautiful maple tree that is under planted with hostas and other shade loving plants. Raised beds contain herbs and bulbs. The borders of the garden are lined with a variety of shrubs, and a sunny corner is designed to attract birds. Master gardeners work to demonstrate how a wide wide variety of perennial and annual plants may be grown in a small, heavily used space. We encourage you to visit!

KU Native Medicinal Plant Demonstration Garden

The Native Medicinal Plant Garden is a collaboration between Douglas County Extension Master Gardeners and Kansas Biological Survey. Master Gardeners have been managing the interpretive garden since 2013 with the goal of educating visitors on the traditional and modern uses of native plants from the Great Plains. Herbalists, ecologists, birdwatchers, photographers, and people from all over the world enjoy the beautiful sky views, the niche species of birds, and the native pollinators these plants support. The garden at 1865 E 1600 Road, Lawrence, KS 66044 is open dawn to dusk, 365 days a year.

Monarch Watch Pollinator Demonstration Garden

Monarch Watch Garden #1 is located at 2021 Constant Ave. in a quiet corner of KU's West Campus. It is behind Foley Hall, the home of Monarch Watch headquarters. Master Gardeners cooperate with the Monarch Watch organization to maintain and develop the garden using sustainable gardening practices. Most of the plants in the garden are natives since the purpose of the garden is to provide food and habitat for Monarchs and other pollinators. Special times to visit the garden are during the Spring Open House and Fund Raiser and the Fall Open House. The garden is open to the public daily and year-round. Bring your lunch, sit, and enjoy the buzzing and flitting of our winged friends.

Eudora Demonstration Garden

The Eudora demonstration garden, located at 9th and Main, began in 2018 as a partnership between Extension Master Gardeners and the City of Eudora. Planting began behind the Eudora statue and features plants for monarchs such as milkweed, coneflowers, joe-pye weed and black-eyed Susans. In the coming years, the garden will expand and extend to the front of the statue and will serve to beautify Eudora’s downtown as well as provide education on native plants.