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Douglas County

Dining With Diabetes

Carbohydrate Equivalents
Daily Planner 1
Daily Planner 2
Daily Planner 3
Meal Planner
If Your A1c Is Too High
Olive Oil Substitution Guide

Week 1

Apps for Diabetes
Being Active with Diabetes
Eating Healthier with Diabetes
Know Your Blood Sugar Numbers
My SMART Steps

Week 2

Plate Method Meal Planning
Nutritional Placemat
Ready, Set, Start Counting
Sugar Substitute Fact Sheet

Week 3

Add Flavor to Food
Fats in the Diet
Healthy Choices-Fats & Oils
Meet The Fats
Oils and Solid Fats
Spice and Herbs Rules and Info

Week 4

Building a Balanced Meal
Ingredient Substitutions


Week 5

Dining Out With Diabetes
Menu Labeling