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Douglas County

Fuel Your Family

Fuel Your Family is a series of infographics and resources aimed at assisting limited income individuals and families. These infographics cover food-related topics, such as food safety, physical activity, cooking, & nutrition. SNAP-Ed Douglas County created the Fuel Your Family initiative in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fuel Your Family Infographics

How to Cook Dried Beans

Freezing Your Food

Shopping on a Budget

Produce Safety

How to Find Accurate Internet Sources

How to Make Healthier Ramen Noodles

Safe Thawing

Physical Activity


Recipe Resources

Cooking with Kids

Staying Hydrated


Summer Food Safety

Melon Safety


Vary Your Vegetables

Power Outages and Food Safety

Navigating the Grocery Store during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Food Safety and Leftovers

Buying Produce Seasonally


Fuel Your Family Logo