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Douglas County

Douglas County

2110 Harper Street
Lawrence KS 66046

Hours: 8 am - 5 pm
Monday - Friday



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Walk Kansas

Welcome to Walk Kansas, a health initiative presented by K-State Research and Extension. Walk Kansas is a team-based program that will inspire you to lead a healthier life by being more active, making better nutrition choices, and learning positive ways to deal with stress.

How does Walk Kansas work?

Teams of 6, with a captain, log minutes of activity for 8 weeks. Each team selects a goal, or challenge, they will collectively work towards. Participants log activity minutes and the amount of fruits/vegetables they eat. They can log online or on paper. Participants receive weekly newsletters and motivational messages. 

For more information on Walk Kansas, go to; www.walkkansas.org

Next Walk-Kansas: March 20 - May 14, 2022