Margit Kaltenekker Agriculture County Extension Agent
General Info | 785-843-7058 (ext. 113) |

As an agricultural and commercial specialty crop grower, Margit brings a broad breadth of experience working with natural and agricultural ecosystems, livestock, and specialty crop producers. Her expertise focuses on the balance between increasing soil productivity and farm profitability through whole farm systems management, keeping the farm nutrients in the loop with the wise use of inputs and soil conserving measures. Whether helping local fruit producers identify micronutrient deficiencies, livestock producers increase forage productivity through intensive rotational grazing, or crop producers mitigate soil erosion through cover crop strategies, she is excited to help Douglas County agriculture thrive into an increasingly robust regional food economy.

Before working with Douglas County Extension, Margit had been involved with retail Ornamental and Nursery Production, serving customers in the ornamental horticulture field. Having previously served as an independent crop inspector for organic farms, she looks forward to being involved with private consultations as well as hosting workshops and field days.

Margit is a Botanist by training with a Bachelor of Science from University of Wisconsin – Madison, as well as a minor in Environmental Studies/and Environmental Systems Analysis. She also has training in Holistic Resource Management. Having a passion for the native prairie, and as an avid birder and conservationist, she enjoys sharing a strong land ethic with those producers who care about water and wildlife habitat conservation as part of their land stewardship and feels privileged to work alongside them.