Douglas County Fair

All "Fair Documents and Forms" are located further down on this page.

The Douglas County Fair is an annual event where 4-H’ers exhibit an end product of their current 4-H projects for evaluation. Judging is done by a variety of evaluation methods. Exhibitors are awarded purple, blue, red, or white ribbons based upon a judge’s decision. Purple winners are eligible for State Fair if age requirements are met. A fair book explaining rules and classes is available in June. For more information about the fair visit

2024 Fair Registration and Registration How To Guide

2024 Douglas County Fair Entry Website

2024 Douglas County Fair Reminders

4- H Exhibitor Code of Conduct - 4-H'ers will need to complete, sign, and upload a 4-H exhibitor code of conduct into the fair entry system by June 30.

YQCA Certification - Livestock exhibitors will need to input their YQCA number and certificate into the fair entry system by June 30. If YQCA does not pertain to you, please type in N/A.

4-H T-Shirts - With the gracious support of the Douglas County 4-H Foundation, all 4-H members exhibiting at the Douglas County Fair will receive one free t-shirt. Please order your t-shirt by May 31.

2024 Douglas County Fair Updates

4-H Project Clarification Guide and Project Updates - This guide clarifies 4-H project name changes, project updates, and what project exhibits would look like.

Fair Entry Website - Douglas County Fair Entry Website Opened May 6, 2024

Fair Entry Deadline - Due by 11:59 p.m., June 30.

Exhibitor Entry Fee - The exhibitor entry fee for 2024 is $7.00 per exhbitior. This fee covers the cost of the FairEntry System.

Ribbon Preimums for 2024 - Purple/Blue - $5 | Red - $4 | White - $3 |

Project Updates - Aerospace/Rocketry | Welding | Astronomy | Building Block Engineering | Computer Science | Construction Zone | Electric and Renewable Energy | Entomology | Horticlture | Robotics | Sewing & Textiles Design | Shopping In Style(formerly Buymanship) | Small Engines | Encrewed Aerial Systems | Wildlife - Pleaser refer to the Douglas County Fair Book for updates.

Beef - Woods Chips and the vet fees for beef exhibitors will be $24.00 for large animals and 13.00 for bucket calves.

Horse - All horse exhibitors must complete the Horse Safety video and Quiz by June 3 if you intend to exhibit at the Douglas County Fair and/or Kansas State Fair. The video and quiz can be found at: under the “Livestock Documents and Forms” section.

Poultry - All poultry (except waterfowl & pigeons) are required to show proof of being P-T clean by one of the following: Originate from a certified U.S. Pullorum-Typhoid clean flock if coming from a hatchery or out of state(certificate required at check-in) or show proof of negative test at check-in of the county fair. Blood test must be within 90 days of show.

Poultry Pullorum Testing will be Saturday, June 29 from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. in the Open Pavilion. Sign up Requried at:

County Fair Auction Update - Only market beef, market hogs, market lambs, market goats, meat pen of rabbits, and meat pens of chickens will sell in the terminal livestock auction. All Grand and Reserve Champion Market Beef, sheep, hogs, goats, and Meat Pens of Rabbits & Poultry have the option to sell in the auction, be harvested at a designated plant, and drug tested. Exhibitors can only sell one animal in the auction. There was an auction exhibitor meeting on Tuesay, June 4, at 6:00 p.m. in the Dreher Family 4-H Budiling to discuss the auction process. View recording below.

Douglas County Fair Auction Meeting

Learn about need to know updates for this year's Douglas County Fair Auction.

Livestock General Rules Update - Following the selection of Grand Champion and Reserve Champion in beef, goat, sheep, and swine a collection will be completed by the on-call veterinarian for testing. Animals are not to leave the designated area until instructed by said veterinarian. Refer to 2024 Fair Book for testing details at: or look below under Livestock Forms and Documents.

Douglas County Animal Leasing Option - Douglas County 4-H will allow the leasing of animal science projects to encourage a greater number of members to have the opportunity to experience the showing of livestock projects. This program is designed to make it possible for a 4-H member to have a non-owned 4-H project that can be exhibited at the Douglas County Fair. Please refer to the Animal Lease Fact Sheet and Animal Lease Form. Details below under "Livestock Documents and Forms".


Fair Documents and Forms


Clothing Information and Forms


Food & Nutrition Information and Forms

All food preservation scoresheets can be found under the Family and Consumer Science heading at



STEM Building Block Engineering and Constrution Zone Information and Forms


STEM - All Forms below can be located HERE under the Engineering and Technology title.

  • Ag Mechanics Exhibit Form
  • Ag Mechanics Score Sheet
  • Astronomy Exhibit Form (PDF)
  • Astronomy Exhibit Score Sheet (PDF)
  • Computer Systems Exhibit Form (PDF) (Form Fillable, Fill out and print)
  • Computer Systems Judging Score Sheet (PDF)
  • Robotics Exhibit Form (PDF)
  • Robotics Exhibit Judging Form (PDF)
  • Rocketry Exhibit Form (PDF) (Can be filled out and printed)
  • High & Mid-Power Rocketry Exhibit Form (PDF)
  • Rocketry Judging Form (PDF)
  • Fin Alignment Guide (5 Fins) (PDF)
  • Fin Alignment Guide (4 Fins) (PDF)
  • Fin Alignment Guide (3 Fins) (PDF)
  • UAS Exhibit Form (PDF) fill out and glue to 10X13″ envelope
  • UAS Judgeing Sheet (PDF)
  • SpaceTech Educational Display, Notebook, and Poster Score Sheet (PDF) ****
  • STEM State Fair Video Showcase Release (PDF)

Visual Arts and Crafts

Kansas State Fair

Livestock Documents and Forms




Douglas County Fair 4-H Ribbon Meanings


What do the colors of a 4-H Ribbon mean? Purple = Outstanding on all standards. Blue= Exceeds minimum standards, minor improvements can be made. Red= Meets minimum standards. White = Fails to meet minimum standards