The Kansas Forest Service (KSFS)encourages farmers, ranchers, and other landowners to actively manage and protect the forests, woodlands and agroforestry resources on their property for wildlife, recreational, aesthetic, water quality, soil conservation and forest product benefits. The KSFS includes a Fire Management Program and a Conservation Tree Planting Program.

Conservation Tree Planting Program - offers tree and shrub seedlings for wildlife habitat, windbreaks, woodlots, and streambank plantings.

Consultants and Contractors - lists of forestry consultants and contractors that are available to provide a variety of fee-based forestry services.

Landowner Assistance - Forest Stewardship plans, Forest health, education, forest stand improvement.

District Foresters for Douglas County

Rural District Forester

Community District Forester

Fire Management Officer

EJ Jamison
Blaine Stroble
Bryce Haverkamp