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Appreciating the Master Gardeners 

On March 28th the Douglas County Extension Master Gardeners had been planning to hold their biennial Spring Garden Show.  Prior to the Stay at Home order for Douglas County, the committee decided to postpone the show until May 30th, and we are still optimistically planning for that date.  While current events have delayed many of the outreach and educational events for the Master Gardeners this spring, they are quickly working to adjust how they serve the community, answering questions on Facebook and email rather than through face-to-face interactions.  The Garden hotline is still open,  you have questions about gardening you can either email: dgcogardenhotline@gmail.com (faster response) or phone: 785-843-7058 (leave a message).Master Gardeners at the 2018 Garden Show

When people join the Master Gardeners they come with a range in knowledge and experience, from occasional gardeners, to individuals who have retired from careers in horticulture.  They are united in their interest in growing plants, and their desire to make connections and serve the community.  At the heart of it, the Master Gardener program is about community service, people using their knowledge of plants and gardening to help build a more beautiful and sustainable community.  Reflecting on a more normal year, last year the Douglas County Extension Master Gardeners had 125 members volunteer for a total of 7660 hours of community service, engaging with over 2200 members of the community.  In normal times, the Master Gardeners provide a range of service from working to maintain demonstration gardens, to providing education to tomorrow’s gardeners through the Junior Master Gardener program, all the way to collecting food after the Lawrence Farmers Market to donate to Just Food.  Douglas County has five demonstration gardens around the county; one at the Douglas County Fairgrounds; at Monarch Watch on KU’s West Campus; the Native and Medicinal Garden on KU’s field station by the Lawrence Airport; Tom Swann Park in Baldwin City; and CPA Park in Eudora.  At this time, the groups that run those gardens are officially on hiatus under the stay at home order, but the gardens will still be great places to visit when the stay at home order is lifted. 

While this year has already thrown so many plans out the window, spring is here, the weather is warming and it’s a great time to get out in the garden and relieve some stress.  The Extension horticulture staff and the Douglas County Extension Master Gardeners are still here to help!

If you want to learn more about the Master Gardeners, or want to contact them with gardening questions check them out either on the web-


or on Facebook