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Douglas County

Home and Family Useful Links

Money Management

America Saves
Kansas Saves
Basic Money Management Curriculum
Taking Charge of Family Finances
How to Rebuild Your Credit
My Money Resources
The USAA Educational Foundation - Money Management

Quick Answers About Foods, Nutrition, and Textiles

Kansas State University Rapid Response Center


Kansas Radon Program
Brief Guide to Mold and Moisture in the Home
Mold Resources
Health Effects, Causes, Prevention and Clean-up of Mold
American Lung Association
Healthy Homes - Indoor Air Quality - About Asthma
Allergy and Asthma Network
Lead In and Around the Home
EPA Lead in Drinking Water

Safe Drinking Water

Testing to Help Ensure Safe Drinking Water
Understanding Your Water Test Report
Private Well Operation and Maintenance
Recommended Water Tests for Private Wells
Private Wells

Family Life

The WonderWise Parent
Healthy Marriage and Families
Stress and the Family System

Senior Issues

Kansas Department for Aging
Kansas Guide to Information and In-Home Services


Sustainable Environments
Home Energy Check-Up
Extension Energy and Engineering

Legal Issues

Tenant Rights and Other Housing Issues


Kansas Insurance Commissioner
Senior Health Insurance Counseling for Kansas

Clothing and Textiles

American Sewing Guild