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Mindful Donating

Mary Scott
Livewell Executive Director


Did you know, that people who visit food pantries often have a double burden of food insecurity and chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, and heart disease? Clients that seek care for these conditions are encouraged to eat healthier food butdonation box often can’t afford it or find it in their local grocery stores or food pantries. 

To increase the availability of healthier foods in food pantries within our county, LiveWell partnered with K-State Research and Extension to conduct a food donor survey. The goal of the survey was to find out if those who donate food, would be willing to donate healthier food and if so, what would make the donation of healthy food easy and convenient.

The survey results revealed that Douglas County residents donate food because they want to support their fellow community members. 79% of those who donate food are interested in donating healthier items to local food pantries but 44% said the price of healthier food items is a barrier to donating healthy food. 

To help overcome price as a barrier some communities have placed, “Donate Me” tags on grocery shelves that identify the healthiest and cheapest item in each major food category. Survey respondents indicated that a list of healthy food options and “Donate Me” tags would be helpful in selecting the healthiest and the cheapest food item. If you like reading food labels and would be interested in making it easier for residents in our county to donate healthy food items. Contact Marty Scott at Scottmb@ksu.edu.