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Douglas County

Youth Livestock


2021 Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) certification is required for all of the following projects to show at the DgCo Fair: Beef (including bucket calf), Swine, Sheep, Meat and Dairy Goats, Dairy Cattle, all Poultry, and all Rabbits. 

2021 Important Deadlines/Calendar

February 15-20: Junior Swine Producer Week

February 20: DgCo Market Beef Weigh-in & Tagging

March 1: Blue Valley Online Livestock Judging Contest (deadline to RSVP 3/1)

March 15-20: Junior Meat Goat Producer Week

April 1: Kansas Animal Science Leadership Academy (KASLA) Deadline (tentative)

April 11: Swine Across Kansas Series - Feeding and Showmanship

April 15: Kansas State Fair Grand Drive Scholarship Application Deadline

April 25-27th: Small Livestock Tagging

May 1: Market Beef Nominations due

June 15: Commercial Heifer, Swine, Sheep, & Meat Goat nominations due

July 9-10: Dr. Bob Hines Kansas Swine Classic

August 21-22: State 4-H Livestock Sweepstakes (tentative)

September 10-19: Kansas State Fair

October 1-3: Kansas Junior Livestock Show


Helpful Showman Resources

Meat Goats
Dairy Goats
Dairy Cattle