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All instructor led YQCA events have been canceled. The only way to obtain your certification if you haven't already done so is through the online platform. 
Certification deadline has been postponed to June 15th
7 year olds are no longer required to be YQCA certified. Those 8-18 still need to be certified

YQCA - Youth for the Quality Care of Animals - NEW RULE STARTING 2020!

New for the 2020 Douglas County Fair, all 4-H’ers exhibiting a food producing animal will be required to complete the YQCA training. Food producing animals include: beef (including bucket calf), swine, sheep, meat & dairy goats, dairy cattle, and all poultry. YQCA is designed as an educational tool and certification program focused on food safety, animal well-being and character development for youth ages 8– 19. As a result of this program, we hope youth leave with a better understanding of their livestock project and how to produce a healthy and safe food product. Youth may complete the online training for $12/child or attend and complete an in-person training for $3/child. Any 4-H’er who is seven years old must attend an in-person training. A young person’s YQCA certification is valid for one year. Participants will receive a completion certificate which is necessary for county fair pre-entries. The Kansas State Fair Grand Drive and KJLS will require all exhibitors to complete YQCA to be eligible to exhibit in the 2020 livestock shows. YQCA Certification Deadline is June 15th!

Species that require YQCA:

Beef (including bucket calf), Swine, Sheep, Meat and Dairy Goats, Dairy Cattle, and all Poultry. 

*Due to the cancellation of the Rabbit show. Rabbit exhibitors are not longer required to be YQCA certified for 2020

In-Person Training - 2020 (Only have to attend 1 session to be certified)

All in-person sessions are canceled due to Covid-19. 

Instructor-led Training Certification Instructions: Click on this link to learn how to sign up

Coupon for April $9/person Flash Sale

Online Training - Ages 8 and older ONLY. 7 year olds are no longer required to complete YQCA for 2020

Web-based Certification Instructions

Additional Information about YQCA


Certificate Printing Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions
  • The dates for the in-person training don't work for my schedule, and I have to attend an in-person training. What do I do?
    • Contact Mallory Meek, Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent, at mgmeek@ksu.edu or 785-843-7058 to discuss options if you are not able to attend an in-person training, but want/need to attend one. 
  • I have a 7 year old, how do they get certified?
    • 7 year olds are no longer required to be certified for 2020
  • Do I need to register before the in-person training?
    • Yes! You must register and pay online before attending an instructor-led class. 
  • What does it cost to get certified?
    • $3 if you attend an in-person training. $12 if you decide to do your training online. 
  • Is it mandatory for those required species?
    • Yes. All exhibitors showing animals from the list above must complete the training to be eligible to show at the Douglas County Fair.