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Douglas County

Crops and Livestock Useful Links


Kansas Crop Weather


Keep America's Food and Agriculture Safe

KSU Agricultural Economics

KSU Agronomy Department

Ag Manager Information

Land Leasing Forms

Custom Rates

KSU Animal Sciences & Industry

KSU Extension Agronomy

Kansas Ag Statistics

Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Program

Alternative Farming Systems Information Center

Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas

Free Plans for all Kinds of Projects


Noxious Weeds

Pond weeds

2019 Chemical Weed Control


Kansas Water Office

KSU Extension

Kansas Department of Agriculture

Kansas Center for Agriculture Resources and the Environment

Kansas Department of Health and Environment

Kansas Dept of Health and Environment - Private Water Well Testing

USDA/Natural Resources Conservation Service

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

State Conservation Commission

Kansas Forest Service

Texas A & M

Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks