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Douglas County

K-State Research and Extension Douglas County 
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Lawrence KS 66046

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Extension Strategic Plan

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2023 - 2025 Strategic Plan of K-State Research & Extension Douglas County

Forage Testing

Testing your forage is very helpful in understanding its market value and nutrients when formulating rations for you animals. Without testing your forage, you can only guess its true nutrient value. With a test, you are able to make sure you are not overfeeding or underfeeding your herd. This will help you create a more productive feeding plan.

Forage Sampling Procedures

Forage Sampling Procedures and Equipment

How to Take a Representative Forage Sample Video

Forage Testing Labs in Kansas

  • K-State Lab
  • SDK Labs
    • Note: This resource is listed for informational purposes only. It does not imply endorsement or recommendation of the company or its services by either K-State Research and Extension or Johnson County K-State Research and Extension.



The USDA Ag Marketing Service has developed hay quality guidelines.

The Kansas Department of Agriculture has developed a service to provide for hay inspections for hay that needs to be certified as "weed free." Hay used for livestock in National Parks needs to be certified weed free. Please call the Department of Ag at 785-862-2180 for information on this service.