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Douglas County

Pasture and Forage Management

Pasture Rent

Kansas Cash Rates 2017

Kansas Custom Rates 2018

Pasture Rental Rate Decision Tool

Lease-Determining Equitable Crop Share or Cash Rental Agreements

Ag Land Leasing Basics and Cover Crops

Frequently Asked Questions on Pasture Leases in Kansas

Land Buying and Valuing

Kansas County-Level Land Values for Cropland and Pasture

Agriculture Net Income Situation for Property Tax Calculations Webinar

Weed/Brush Control

2019 Chemical Weed Control

Rangeland Weed Management

Grazing Management:Toxic Plants

Weed Management on the Range

Weed Management in Pasture Systems

Sericea Lespedeza

Brush and Weed Control in Pastures and Rangeland

Rangeland Brush Management

Biological Control of Musk Thistle in Kansas

Musk Thistle Identification and Control

Plant Identification

Weed ID Guide

Kansas Wildflowers and Grasses

Kansas Grasses

Prescribed Burning

Fire and Grasslands

Prescribed Burning as a Management Practice

Prescribed Burning-Planning and Conducting

Prescribed Burning Safety


Alternative Burning Strategies-Effects on cattle performance, grassland, and the environment 


Smooth Brome Production and Utilization

Smooth Brome-Forage Facts


Seed production Management of Bromegrass and Tall Fescue

Tall Fescue Online Monograph

Tall Fescue Production and Utilization 

Tall Fescue Forage Facts

Native Grasses

Establishing Native Grasses

Establishing and Managing Native Prairie Plants in Small Areas

Native Prairie Hay Meadows - A Landowners Guide

Native Hay Meadow Management

Habitat Practices and Payments

Native Grass and Forb Establishment



Stocking Rate and Grazing Management

Grazing Distribution

Getting Ready for the Grazing Season

Analyzing Summer Grazing Strategies