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Douglas County

Many people would be surprised to hear that Douglas County has over 210,000 acres of land use devoted to agriculture. 60.4% of those acres are dedicated to crops, 26.6% is pastureland, 6.7% is woodland and 6.2% is in other uses.  With our urban neighbors close by, the agriculture industry has both its challenges and opportunities. One of those opportunities is to help people understand where their food comes from and the variety of ways it can be produced. With the help of local farmers, we use the media and events like Slice of Ag to educate and share our story.

We work with individuals to address issues that impact their operations such as: pasture and forage management, soil fertility, crop production, weed management and livestock production.

No matter what you need, stop by, email or give us a call. We're here to help!

Upcoming Events

November 2019

12th: Keeping the Farm Farming, Phillipsburg, KS 

14th: Farm & Livestock Theft Workshop: Paola, KS

19th: Canola-RAM Workshop, Copeland, KS

20th: Canola-RAM Workshop, Argonia, KS

21st: KSU Swine Day, Manhattan, KS

21st: Pond Management Workshop, Lawrence, KS: Click here to RSVP

22nd: CattleTrace Industry Symposium, Manhattan, KS

December 2019

10th: Keep the Cows Grazing, Garnett, KS

January 2020

7-9th: Topeka Farm Show

14th: Calving Management School: Ottawa, KS 

February 2019

13-14: Women Managing the Farm Conference, Manhattan, KS

21st: Regional Farmers' Market Workshops, Olathe, KS

29th: Junior Beef Producer Day, Manhattan, KS


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