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Terminating a Verbal Ag Lease? Don't Miss the Deadline! Land for Lease

I always recommend a written ag lease, but if your lease is verbal and you want to terminate, don’t miss the deadline to send notice of termination. For all leases, except written leases signed by the parties that provide otherwise, Kansas Agriculture Lease Law states that notice to terminate farm and pastureland leases must be given in writing, at least 30 days prior to March 1, and must fix March 1 as the termination date of the tenancy. I hear way too often that people missed the 30 days prior to March 1st deadline. Many say they gave the letter to the tenant February 1st, but forget February usually only has 28 days in its month. Plan ahead and send the termination letter before it’s too late. To see all requirements for terminating a lease see the Kansas Agriculture Lease Law below.

Want to put your lease into writing?

Working out the details of an ag lease can sometimes feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Agmanager.info has resources to make this process easier. There are example leases that list possible topics that might be important for you to include in your written lease. For example, who controls noxious weeds or who pays for fertilizer? With a well written lease, these questions should be answered within the text. A thorough lease will help navigate and solve any issues or questions that may arise in the future.

For more information about the Kansas Agriculture Lease Law visit: https://washburnlaw.edu/practicalexperience/agriculturallaw/waltr/articles/_docs/2017-002KansasAgriculturalLawLease.pdf

For lease resources visit: https://agmanager.info/