Pasture and Forage Management

This page contains useful resources in the form of trustworthy articles and publications to help producers with pasture and forage management. If you have any pasture and forage management questions, be sure to call our Agriculture Agent, Margit K.,.

Pasture & Native Grass Planting and Management - A premier extension site for information on the agricultural economy from Kansas State University. Contains research based information and programs on topics such as farm budgets, custom rates, decision tools, livestock charts and more.

Crop Residue Exchange (Nebraska Extension)

Forage Sampling Procedures (PDF)

Kansas Grazing Exchange (Kansas Soil Health Alliance)

Kansas Hay Exchange (AgriHay Exchange)

Kansas Hay Market Report (PDF)

Nutrition Evaluation of Grazed Kansas Corn and Sorghum Crop Residues (Kansas Crop Residues-PDF)

Pasture Management (


Smooth Brome-Forage Facts (PDF)

Smooth Brome Production and Utilization (PDF)


Seed production Management of Bromegrass and Tall Fescue (PDF)

Tall Fescue Forage Facts (PDF)

Tall Fescue Online Monograph (Oregon State University)

Tall Fescue Production and Utilization (PDF)

Native Grasses

Establishing and Managing Native Prairie Plants in Small Areas (PDF)

Habitat Practices and Payments (PDF)

Native Grass and Forb Establishment (PDF)

Native Hay Meadow Management (PDF)

Native Prairie Hay Meadows - A Landowners Guide (PDF)

Planting Natives in Northeast Kansas/Establishing Native Grasses (Planting Natives KS)


Alfalfa Production Handbook (PDF)

Blister Beetles in Alfalfa (PDF)

Grazing Management & Utilization

Analyzing Summer Grazing Strategies (KSU Page)

Getting Ready for the Grazing Season (University of Nebraska Extension Article)

Grazing Distribution (PDF)

Kansas Fence Law (PDF)

Managing Kansas Grazinglands for Multiple Benefits (PDF)

Missouri Pasture Management Guide for Horse Owners (PDF)

Stocking Rate and Grazing Management (PDF)

Plant Identification

Kansas Grasses (KSU Page)

Kansas Wildflowers and Grasses (KS Wild Flower)

Weed ID Guide (University of Missouri )

Prescribed Burning

Alternative Burning Strategies-Effects on cattle performance, grassland, and the environment (PDF)

Douglas County Conservation Distrcit Equipment, Seed & Contractors

Fire and Grasslands (PDF)

Oklahoma State University Prescribed Burn Equipment Article (

Prescribed Burning as a Management Practice (PDF)

Prescribed Burning-Planning and Conducting (PDF)

Prescribed Burning Safety (PDF)

Weed/Brush Control

Biological Control of Musk Thistle in Kansas (PDF)

Brush and Weed Control in Pastures and Rangeland (Word Doc)

Chemical & Rangeland Weed Control/Mangement (PDF)

Grazing Management:Toxic Plants (PDF)

Musk Thistle Identification and Control (PDF)

Noxious Weed Control Program (Kansas Dept. of Agriculture)

Rangeland Brush Management (PDF)

Sericea Lespedeza (PDF)

Weed Management in Pasture Systems (PennState Extension)

Weed Management on the Range (University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension)

Additional Resources

Kansas Water Office

KSU Extension

Kansas Department of Agriculture

Kansas Center for Agriculture Resources and the Environment

Kansas Department of Health and Environment

USDA/Natural Resources Conservation Service

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

State Conservation Commission

Kansas Forest Service

Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks

Kansas Ag Statistics

Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Program