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Douglas County

Douglas County

2110 Harper Street
Lawrence KS 66046

Hours: 8 am - 5 pm
Monday - Friday



We stand for the fair and equitable treatment of all people. Read more....

Public Statement of Equity and Justice PDF

Leader Resources

In Person Meeting Materials

Beginning of Year

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COVID-19 Meeting Guidelines


Club Organization Sheet


Club Meeting Checklist


Outdoor Meeting Guide


4-H Projects


Celebrating with 4-H Ceremonies


In Person Meeting Request Form


4-H Online Enrollment Family Resources


4-H Guidelines for Using the Clover


4-H Participation Log


Enrollment Website


A-Z -Ideas to Engage 4-H'ers








Job Descriptions


4-H Club Resources


Volunteer Forms


4-H Parents Committee Job Description


Welcoming New Families


Volunteer Screening Policy & Procedure


Leader Job Description


Strengthening 4-H Clubs 1


Volunteer Application Steps


New Family Coordinator Job Description


Strengthening 4-H Clubs 2


4HOnline Enrollment Guide for Volunteers


Project Leader Job Description


Clover Classroom


Volunteer Orientation Steps




4-H Club Corner


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Kansas Association of 4-H Volunteers






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Club Day Forms and Help Documents


Regional and County Club Day Rules and Regulations


4-H Illustrated Talks


Club Day Event Chart


4-H Project Talks


Effective Presentation Tips


4-H Public Speaking


Kansas 4-H Presentation Overview


KS 4-H Demonstration & Illustrated Talks Scoresheet


Preparing & Using Visual Aids


KS 4-H Project Talk Scoresheet


4-H Demonstrations


KS 4-H Public Speaking Scoresheet

End of Year Forms

Annual Financial Report

Club Summary Report

4-H Project Recognition Guide

Awards, Pins, and Report Form Resources