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Douglas County

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Extension Strategic Plan

Our 2023-2025 Strategic Plan for making K-State Research & Extension Douglas County grow and thrive with and for the community is here! Click below to learn more!

2023 - 2025 Strategic Plan of K-State Research & Extension Douglas County

Douglas County Fair

The Douglas County Fair is an annual event where 4-H’ers exhibit an end product of their current 4-H projects for evaluation. Judging is done  by a variety of evaluation methods. Exhibitors are awarded purple, blue, red, or white ribbons based upon a judge’s decision. Purple winners are eligible for State Fair if age requirements are met. A fair book explaining rules and classes is available in June. For more information about the fair visit www.dgcountyfair.com.

2023 Fair Registration and Registration How To Guide

2023 Douglas County Fair Entry Website

2023 Douglas County Fair Updates

4-H Exhibitor Code of Conduct - 4-H'ers will need to complete, sign, and upload a 4-H exhibitor code of conduct into the fair entry system by June 30.

YQCA Certification - Livestock exhibitors will need to input their YQCA number and certificate into the fair entry system by June 30. If YQCA does not pertain to you, please type in N/A.

4-H T-Shirts - With the gracious support of the Douglas County 4-H Foundation, all 4-H members exhibiting at the Douglas County Fair will receive one free t-shirt. Extra t-shirts will be available on a first come first serve basis at fair check-in.

Banners - Updates have been made for the 2023 county fair. Please refer to the 2023 Douglas County Fair Book for updates.

STEM | Photography | Entomology | Crops | Woodworking - Updates have been made for the 2023 county and state fair. Please refer to the 2023 Douglas County Fair Book for updates.

Foods - For food safety purposes, any entries with frostings and fillings must calculate the amount of sugar in the frosting/filling recipe only. Calculation must be attached to entry, or the placing will be lowered one ribbon when judged. Frosting and fillings need to contain more than 65% sugar for safety. Examples on how to calculate this percentage are included in the publication located at: https://bookstore.ksre.ksu.edu/pubs/MF3544.pdf

Food Consultation Judging- Sign up is completed at online fair entry process, not at fair check -in. Only pick ONE time slot per exhibitor.

Beef - Wood chips and the vet fee for beef exhibitors will be $23.00 for large animals and $12.50 for bucket calves.

Small Animal Round Robin (Poultry and Rabbit)- Information can be found in the 2023 Douglas County Fair Book.

Poultry- All poultry (except waterfowl) are required to show proof of being P-T clean by one of the following: Originate from a certified U.S. Pullorum-Typhoid clean flock if coming from a hatchery or out of state or test negative at check-in of the county fair when the county has been designated by KDA-DAH for surveillance. [Douglas County will be 2026] Routine surveillance testing will be performed for each county fair a minimum of once every 5 years.

The Douglas County Fair is transitioning to a fit show for the market and breeding animal divisions, Showmanship included. Grooming for the breeding and market animal shows may include the use of adhesives, paints, and powders. Twine, other artificial material, or hair not from the animal itself are not allowed.

4-H Council Trivia Contest- Wednesday, July 26 at 2:30 p.m., Dreher Family 4-H Building. More information to come.

2023 4-H Awards Ceremony - will take place at 3:00 p.m. in the Open Pavilion on July 29.

Fair Documents and Forms




Food & Nutrition 

All food preservation scoresheets can be found under the Family and Consumer Science heading at https://www.kansas4-h.org/events-activities/fairs/fair-resources/judging-score-sheets.html




    Visual Arts and Crafts

    Kansas State Fair

    Livestock Documents and Forms




    Douglas County Fair 4-H Ribbon Meanings 


    What do the colors of a 4-H Ribbon mean? Purple = Outstanding on all standards. Blue= Exceeds minimum standards, minor improvements can be made. Red= Meets minimum standards. White = Fails to meet minimum standards