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4-H Achievements for the 2020/2021 4-H Year

Each year the Douglas County 4-H program recognizes the outstanding achievements of Douglas County 4-H members and volunteers during the annual Achievement Celebration. 4-H members have attended workshops, camps, competitions, and 4-H activities, gaining valuable life skills. As 4-H’ers participate, whether in-person or virtually, they broaden their horizons and bring Douglas County fresh ideas that impact our community. 4-H provides young people with leadership, communication, self-discipline, and other valued life skills for their future. 


Each year 4-H members are honored for outstanding project work. The Kansas Project Report Form is a tool used and submitted by 4-H’ers to learn how to set 4-H project goals, make a plan to accomplish those goals, and evaluate their goals at the end of the 4-H year. Project Report Forms fall into three age groups, juniors, ages 7-9; intermediates, 10-13; and seniors, 14 and older. For each project and age group submitted, County Champion and blue award winners are selected. Thank you, RCB Bank, Douglas County 4-H Council, and Douglas County 4-H Foundation for sponsoring these awards. You can view a list of award winners at https://bit.ly/ProjectReportForm.


4-H Award Picture

 Since 1941 the American Youth Foundation has recognized potential leadership qualities in young people through their sponsorship of the I Dare You Award. The American Youth Foundation hopes that this award will serve as a challenge to the recipients to dare and become the best they can be. The I Dare You Award recognizes character and leadership qualities in young people. It encourages and challenges them to lead creative, purposeful lives. To view the I Dare You Award recipients, go to https://bit.ly/2021IDareYou


To view the 4-H Citizenship Award recipient, go to https://bit.ly/2021CitizenshipAward.


The 4-H Spirit Award honors a 4-H member who strives to live and achieve the ideals of the 4-H Pledge, developing clearer thinking, loyalty, service to others, and better living for their club, community, country, and world. Dr. Arthur Queen is the sponsor of this award. To have a 4-H spirit, you must have an inquiring mind, a concern for your fellow man, and the desire to learn. You must believe in yourself and others, and you must be in the process of developing good decision-making skills. To view the 4-H Spirit Award recipient, go to https://bit.ly/2021SpiritAward.


The Kansas Key Award is bestowed upon 4-H members ages sixteen and older who have completed four or more years of 4-H work and have been enrolled in leadership for four or more years in the State of Kansas. To view the recipients of the Kansas Key Award, go to https://bit.ly/2021KeyAward.


In remembrance of Dea Lieber and her selfless giving to her local 4-H club and community, the Clinton Eagles 4-H Club sponsors the Dea Lieber Outstanding Adult Volunteer Award. This award honors an adult volunteer who generously gives of themselves improving the lives of 4-H members and the 4-H program. To view the Dea Lieber Adult Volunteer Award recipient, go to https://bit.ly/2021DeaLieber.


The Florine Alexander Leadership Award honors the memory of a creative and innovative leader who served the Kanwaka 4-H Club for many years. To view the Florine Alexander Leadership Award recipient, go to https://bit.ly/2021FlorineAlexander


The Friend of 4-H Award honors a person or business who goes above and beyond to support the Douglas County 4-H Program. The 4-H program would not survive without our gracious volunteers who share their time and talents with our young people. To view the Friend of 4-H, go to https://bit.ly/2021Friendof4H


The Outstanding 4-H Family Award is presented each year to a family who has devoted their time, effort, and energy to various 4-H programs and activities. To view the Outstanding 4-H Family, go to https://bit.ly/20214HFamily


Each year 4-H volunteers give hundreds of thousands of hours helping youth be the best they can be. Many of the activities, which take place on the club and county level, take countless hours to plan. However, the programs provide our youth opportunities to succeed in project work and beyond. The Douglas County 4-H program would not be a success without the leadership of all these people who enhance and enrich the lives of our 4-H’ers. Thank you to all of our 4-H families, volunteers, and supporters who continue to help us make the best better!