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Douglas County

What is 4-H?

In 4-H, we are committed to providing a positive experience for as many young people as possible. Not just with the belief that 4-H grows great kids, but the belief that by preparing our youth for school, work and life that we are contributing to a vibrant economy for years to come.

Community clubs include youth who enroll in a variety of projects. The clubs have structured business meetings, and emphasize community service, recreational activities and improving communication skills. Youth have fun with a purpose.

This is all done in an environment of a youth/adult partnership. We encourage all parents to attend meetings with youth to support their activities. Youth who turn 7 before January 1 of the current 4-H year may enroll. Cloverbuds, an introductory program, is available for youth ages 5 and 6. For more information about Cloverbuds click here. The new 4-H year begins October 1st of each year but we accept enrollment year round. To participate in the county fair, you must enroll by May 1.

Helping Hands

How to Join

Joining 4-H is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Find a 4-H Club near you.
  2. Visit 2-3 clubs to find the club you would like to join.
  3. Complete the enrollment and participation form online.

More Information About 4-H

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4-H Program Staff

Kaitlyn Peine
4-H Youth Development Agent
Phone: 785-843-7058

Nickie Harding
4-H Youth Development Assistant