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Douglas County

Home and Family Library


Family Life


Developmental Milestones: Guide for Parents, 1st Year

Developmental Milestones: Guide for Parents, 2nd Year

Developmental Milestones: Guide for Parents, 3rd Year

Developmental Milestones: Guide for Parents, 4th Year

Developmental Milestones: Guide for Parents, 5th Year

Choosing Care for Your Children-Childcare Centers and Preschools

Choosing Care for Your Children-Child Care Homes


Family Issues

Taking Time to Think about My Stepfamily

Building Strong Couple Relationships

Building Step Relationships

Understanding a Child's Realities

Understanding Financial and Legal Matters

Working with Others

Family Communication

Basic Family Communication

Balancing Work and Family

Time Management

Organize Your Important Papers

Managing Stress of Caregiving


Goal Setting Techniques

Talk, Read, Play

Senior Issues

Tenderhearts: Caregiver Resilience and Vitality

Tenderhearts: I am a Caregiver. What's Next?

End of Life: Kansans Deserve Excellent Care


Energy Efficient New Homes

Selecting a Home Cooling System

Selecting a Home Heating System

Selecting Energy Efficient Windows

Residential Insulation

Managing Money

Financial Security Children and Money

Basic Money Management

Our Valuable Records

Your Spending Plan

Clothing Care


Basic Apparel Management
Basic Apparel Management: Wash Wonders 101

Stain Removal

Basic Apparel Management: Spot Attack

Clothes Moths

Clothing Storage

Basic Apparel Management: Storage Solutions

Textile Recovery

How to Clean and Disinfect Textiles

How to Get Rid of Skunk Smell

Wear Protective Clothing During Flood Clean-Up

How to Save Upholstered Furniture, Carpet, and Bedding

Sun Protection

UPF Fashion! New Options to Keep UV Rays at Bay



Simple Home Modification For Aging In Place

Dry Basements and Crawl Spaces

Resources For Your Flooded Home