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Douglas County

Extension Council

General Information

Excellence in Board Leadership Assessment
Handbook for County Extension Councils and District Governing Bodies
Memorandum of Understanding (Summary)
2017 State Extension Advisory Council Members

Responsibilities and Duties of Executive Board/Governing Body

Responsibilities and Duties of the Executive Board
Duties of the Chair and Vice Chair
Duties of the Secretary
Duties of the Treasurer

Summary of the Plan for Public Notification (05-10)
All Reasonable Efforts (05-10)
Guidelines for Expansion
Disability and Title IX Policy (05-10)
Policy Statement on Disability and Title IX
Ombudspersons and Grievance Procedure (n.d.)

Kansas Open Meeting Act Policy

Kansas Open Records Act

Responsibilities for Extension Local Unit Administration of Extramural Funds Form

GAAP Waiver Resolution

Professional Scheduling Policy

Holiday Schedule

Annual Budget

Monthly Meeting Dates and Time

Legal Use of Cooperative Extension Funds

Insurance Coverage


Extension Council Members

Effective Meetings

Sample Extension Board Meeting Agenda
Suggested Calendar for Routine Agenda
Template for Extension Board Meeting